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Financial Crime Risk Management 2011

Financial crime flourishes in an economic downturn. Individuals facing economic hardship are more inclined to become involved in financial scams for personal gain. In addition, technological and product developments, especially in the form of online and electronic transactions, are creating new…

Liquidity Risk Management Systems 2011

In an effort to understand the causes of the global economic crisis, regulators are sharply focused on financial institutions’ (FIs) management of liquidity risk. Consequently, it is that focus that is driving FIs’ expenditure on liquidity risk management and Asset Liability Management (ALM)…

Equity Research MSCI Update

Two noteworthy events have taken place since our February update: MSCI has repriced the debt that financed the acquisition of RiskMetrics last year and has issued a quarterly report for Q1-2011. The first quarter of the year showed very good performance in MSCI's main lines of business: Index and…